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CardiOKare Testimonials

CardiOKare Herbal Vegetable Capsule Testimonials

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TESTIMONIAL-1,Mr Chengfeng Zhai ,26 years old ,from Anhui, China
When I was in 19 years old, my mother became concerned when I grew taller than my older brother. She took me to a doctor in my hometown, The physician suspected I had Marfan syndrome — a rare genetic disorder that affects a connective tissue and can have an impact on many body systems, including the heart and blood vessels, eyes, skin and skeleton. Physical traits common in people who have Marfan syndrome include a tall, slender build, a narrow face, loose joints and spinal abnormalities.Even after the diagnosis of Marfan syndrome was confirmed, though, I had little more than a label for my symptoms.
Over the next 5 years, I had an echocardiogram of my heart annually, as my physician recommended, because problems with the cardiovascular system are common among people with Marfan syndrome. Otherwise, my life went on largely as before.
All that changed with a visit to a TCM doctor in Shandong province,with some herbs and special health preservation to me ,the symptoms reduced gradually ,I feel better soon ,and insist in treating in this special TCM way , I'm a healthy people now .

TESTIMONIAL-2 ,Mr LongHe, 57 years old ,from Henan province
It was started as a blackout,and when I gone to see the doctor,I was diagnosed as the metabolic syndrome."Metabolic syndrome" describes several conditions occurring together, such as increased blood pressure, elevated insulin levels, excess body fat around the waist or abnormal cholesterol levels. Having just one of these conditions increases risk for heart disease, stroke and diabetes, but in combination, the risk is even greater.
The most effective treatment is to help me identify and improve habits that improve my overall health. The good news is I'm with this syndrome have an opportunity to take control, make changes and help prevent the development of more serious diseases,told by my doctor . So under his suggestion ,I tried CardiOKare,and insist in do some exercise at the same time ,2month later ,when I was doing exercise, I feel I was more energetic than my past days , Indeed as expected, I came to the hospital ,they check for my body again ,and I was told I am health , that's the best words to me in my life .Thanks CardiOKare.

TESTIMONIAL-3,Mrs Hong Xiao ,69 years old ,from Zhengzhou city
I was diagnosed with cardiovascular disease in 2008. At the very beginning ,I just feel Chest pain ,and sometimes with Shortness of breath , after one month,things turned terrible ,Dizziness ,Faster heartbeats ,tired,Nausea,all came to me .That is the most terrible time of my life ...
When my daughter recommended CardiOKare for me, I would not take it for long time because not believing it that much for caution's sake. I decided to “just try” when anorexia occurred by long time CardiOKare using and persuaded by my daughter.
Obvious effectiveness has gotten after taking one month, the symptoms such as dizziness ,faster heartbeats were all disappeared. From the second month, I decreased the drug from 3 capsules to 1 capsule each time, I feel more and more healthy in the following days . Hope CardiOKare can be chosen by more people like me.

TESTIMONIAL-4 , Jun Hu- 70 Years old ,from Shandong province
My name is Ren Hu,Jun is my grandfather,he told me to write this letter ,he said this is the sole thing he can do to show his gratitude .
1 years ago , my grandfather was still under torture of cerebrovascular diseases ,he lied on bed in all days with hemiplegia ,even he can't speak , we called this disease stroke ,and that were thought as an incurable disease at that time ,after all ,my grandfather was 69 years old .
After a long time treatment by the western medicine , nothing changed ,we gonna to try some traditional herbal medicine ,till we found CardiOKare .
Although my grandfather still cannot get rid of the disease actually ,he can speak and walk now ,that's the best desire of him when he still lie on bed .
Finally , thanks CardiOKare ,for my grandfather.

TESTIMONIAL-5 ,Hengxiang Wang, Male, 55 years old,from Shenzhen city
In routine physical examination, all the physical and chemical indexes were common every year, and healthy all the time. In spring of 2009, I felt tired because busy working and frequently work overtime. In the physical examination of April, instead of other normal index, fasting blood-glucose before breakfast was 7.0(normal range 3.9-6.11mmol/L) and so high to be called Impaired glucose regulation (IGR),and at the same time ,the blood pressure and blood fat were all very high . For knowing the serious damage of these diseases, my family worried so much about it . I tried to take CardiOKare since May 2009. 3 capsules once and twice per day, I insisted to take it for 1 month and blood sugar dropped down to 5.2 mmol/L when examined again in hospital and back to normal sugar level totally. And the hight blood pressure & blood fat were dropped followed glucose .
I record this in happiness and want more diabetes can know the magic effectiveness as earlier as possible and cure soon!

TESTIMONIAL-6 ,Suo Xiao,female,49 years old ,from Ninbo city
6 month ago , I got the accelerated hypertension,with a persistent DP greater than 17.3kPa (130mmHg), my fundus was bleeding , and along with edema of the optic disc . Under the suggestion of my friend MingXia ,I tried CardiOKare , 10days after taking , DP turned down ,and all of the discomfort were eliminated .That's really amazing!
The herbs is really magical , I can't believe that I can recover so fast , I am a bussiness man ,and now I made a decision ,I am starting to do something , to let more people know this herbal medicine ,and I believe everyone can benifts largely,include health and wealth.

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