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Supplement facts

Serving Size: 2 Capsules

Serving Per Container: 60

%RDAQtyAmount Per Serving

150mgFiveleaf Gynostemma Herb

100mgChinese Salvia

100mgSemen Cassiae

50mgPolygonatum sibiricum Red

50mgMomordica Charantia L

50mgPhaseolus Angularis Wight

↑Daily value not established


Ingredients Descriptions given below are as per TCM Chinese Traditional Medicine characteristics
Properties : This describes the taste and heat factor as indicated in TCM
Channels Entered: This describes particular organs for which this herb has an effected according to TCM
Actions & Indications: This describes the healing effect as indicated in TCM for this particular herb

Fiveleaf Gynostemma Herb

Nature and Taste :Bitter, sweet, cold.

Channel Tropism: Lung, spleen and kidney.

Actions & Indications:

Clear away heat and relieve toxin

Benift qi and nourish yin

Improve immune system

Chinese Salvia

Nature and Taste : Bitter, slight cold.

Channel Tropism: Heart,Pericardium, Liver meridians.

Actions & Indications:

Remove blood stasis and promote blood circulation

Regulate menstruation and relieve pain

Nourishing the blood and tranquilizing mind

Cooling blood and diminishing carbuncle

Semen Cassiae

Nature and Taste :Salty, neutral.

Channel Tropism: Liver, kidney, large intestine.

Actions & Indications:

Clear away liver-fire to improve eyesight

Moisten the intestines to relax the bowels

Polygonatum sibiricum Red

Nature and Taste: Sweet, neutra.

Channel Tropism: Spleen, lung, kidney.

Actions & Indications:

Moisten the lung and nourish the kidney

Invigorate the kidney and benifit qi

Momordica Charantia L

Nature and Taste: Bitter, Cold.

Channel Tropism: Heart, lung, spleen, stomach.

Actions & Indications:

Clear away heat and remove toxin, improve eyesight, eliminate heat by cooling.

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