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Authentic Ancient Chinese Medicine is considered to identify the unique quality standards for Chinese herbal medicines, Traditional Chinese Medicine industry in China is also a convention of the Chinese Concept of quality. Held recently in Beijing to "genuine medicine quality characteristics and origin of the systematic research" as the theme of the 390th Xiangshan Science Conference, experts point out that the formation mechanism of complex and authentic ingredients, difficult to distinguish a long time have to rely on the differential experience, means and methods of using modern technology to enhance research is to achieve genuine medicine traditional Chinese medicine resources to ensure sustainable development of a strong science and technology.

Unique good quality

Genuine medicine refers to a particular natural conditions and ecological environment in the area of medicine production, and production is more concentrated, cultivation techniques, harvesting and processing also have some stress, so that the same kinds of herbs than in other regions of the producers with good quality, good effect, as recognized by the world renowned person.

Executive chairman, made a Fellow of China Academy of Traditional TRADITIONAL entitled "genuine medicine in the development of Chinese medicine, the status and problems," the theme of the report comments. Executive Chairman of the meeting, China Academy of Traditional Huang Lu-qi researcher, authentic herbs in traditional Chinese medicine in the largest amount of the highest economic value. 500 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines commonly used, about 200 kinds of authentic ingredients, its use accounts for 80% of the total volume of Chinese herbal medicines.

Genuine medicine has a long history, the concept can be traced back to 2nd century AD, the "Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing", the book reads: "Land of the a, the authenticity of the new Chan, and each method." Southern Hongjing book "Materia Medica variorum "clearly the quality of authentic ingredients, that" born of various drugs, there are state. " The term first appeared in the authentic ingredients that "Peony Pavilion Xiong medicine" (1598) in - "good genuine medicine." By the Song dynasty has formed a number of well-known areas of cultivation of genuine medicine; Ming and Qing Dynasties medicinal herbs trade flourished for a genuine development.

Specific geographical, good quality and authentic ingredients to make the exact effect as the essence of Chinese medicine. Huang Lu-qi, said, authentic herbs recognized with the following properties: a specific quality standards and excellent clinical efficacy, with significant regional and rich culture, with high economic value. Which specific quality standards and excellent clinical efficacy, reflecting the genuine value of the most important herbs. Experts believe that the genuine medicine precisely because of the unique chemical basis, it produced a different kind of populations of other chemical-based medicines, and has shown good clinical efficacy. With further research, it is increasingly recognized, authentic herbs and non-genuine medicine difference in chemical composition may not be one or a few components with or without, but some of the components of the ratio of the specific content or change.

Executive chairman, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine Professor Duan Jinao that genuine medicinal herbs is not only a geographical concept of production, quality is more important is a concept, the concept of economic concepts and culture, with the dual natural and cultural attributes.

Complex formation mechanism

Experts generally believe that the formation mechanism of complex authentic ingredients, and genetic, environmental, cultural and other factors are closely related. Institute of Chinese PLA 302 Hospital of PLA Shaw Creek researcher proposed the formation of genuine medicinal five basic modes, namely, environment-oriented, species-oriented, technology-oriented production, tradition-oriented and multi-cultural factors associated with the decision type. Jin Ao said section, in the long-term production practice, the unique geographical and ecological conditions will gradually change and then change the genetic material of Chinese herbal medicines germplasm, fundamentally affect the quality of medicines. The interaction between various factors, forming a complex network system, formed under the action of the genuineness of herbs.

In biology, phenotype refers to the authentic ingredients that can be observed in the sum of structural and functional properties, including medicinal properties, organizational structure, the active ingredient content and curative effects. Genotype refers to the level of genuine variation in gene medicine. Habitat change is decorated habitat caused by the phenotype of any genetic changes. People through the biological study of authentic ingredients, pointed out that "Road" is a biological 'populations', with the number, space, and the efficacy of genetic characteristics. The formation of genuine medicine should be the interaction between genotype and habitat of the product, can also be expressed as: Phenotype = genotype + ornaments habitat change.

People began to realize, genuine and non genuine medicine presented in a certain population level of continuity and transition, from non-genuine to genuine medicinal herbs and geographic distance is usually related to a quantitative process, there are some in the genetic The differentiation between populations differentiation, but because of gene flow, this differentiation has not yet reached the level of isolation. Authentic ingredients in the following genetic characteristics, namely, the authentic nature of the more obvious, the more obvious genetic differentiation; second mode of genetic differentiation of authentic herbs populations and determine the genuine authentic populations of non-genetic differentiation, isolation The higher the degree of differentiation patterns of genetic differentiation, indicating that the populations and non-genuine authentic greater genetic differentiation of populations; third is the authentic nature of the performance at the individual level micro-efficiency multi-gene control for the amount inherited.

The formation of genuine medicine but also by environmental factors. Determine the efficacy of medicinal substances is based on active ingredients, some of the active ingredient in normal conditions with little or no, only when subject to external stimuli will produce. Traditional Chinese Academy of Lan-Ping Guo researcher, secondary metabolites are plant protection factors, environmental stress, the plants through the release of secondary metabolites to the outside world to suppress the growth of other plants to improve their competitiveness. Due to environmental stress (such as drought, cold, injury, high temperature, heavy metals, etc.), can stimulate the accumulation of plant secondary metabolites and release, therefore, in this sense, stress may be more conducive to the formation of the genuineness of traditional Chinese medicine.

In addition to genetic and environmental factors, authentic herbs from seed selection, seeding, planting, harvesting to processing, processing, human factors on the formation of genuine medicinal species has an indispensable effect. Planting and processing technology on the formation and development of genuine medicinal effects even more than environmental factors and biological factors is more important, especially for the cultivation of Chinese medicinal herbs for. Chinese medicine is unique to processing of natural medicine as a pretreatment, the theory of Chinese medicine is the most unique areas. Studies have shown that processing of traditional Chinese medicine with attenuated efficiency, change the speed of onset of drug action and so on.

Strengthen the research and protection of genuine medicine

Historically there are indeed genuine medicine known records, but the formation mechanism of genuineness rarely discussed. As the geographical distribution has a strong specificity, authentic basic research in foreign countries not involved, neither the basis of modern research, but also a lack of ready-made experience for reference. Formation mechanism of genuine medicine complex, difficult to distinguish, identify all rely on its long experience, resulting in the market, although the genuine medicine and clinical medicine has a very high value and prestige, but the language of modern science can not explain the nature and quality its causes. On the one hand, creating a market flooded with fake and authentic ingredients, authentic herbs seriously affected the reputation and brand value; the other hand, the lack of genuine scientific guidance to the production of medicines, seriously affecting the conservation and sustainable use of authentic ingredients.

In this regard, the experts stressed the importance of scientific research to strengthen genuine medicine. Genuine medicine is a product of biological evolution, is the genuineness of the geographical variation of the level of a social form of expression. Therefore, the genuine medicine research should attach great importance and scale effect on the population level to carry out. With the concept of quantitative genetics and experimental methods to study the basis of authentic ingredients such as genetic material, reveal the genuine medicine will become an important means of molecular mechanisms, and the interaction of genetic and environmental research, is to reveal the molecular mechanism of the genuine medicine The key is genuine medicine research hot and difficult.

Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Institute of Medicinal Plant Research Fellow Chen Shilin that, in view of ecological issues are more complicated, so "the formation of the ecological mechanisms genuine medicine" research, ecological environment should be holistic and systematic theory, the use of modern biology, molecular biology principles and methods, to clarify "the genuineness of traditional Chinese medicine," the nature and formation mechanism.

Tianjin University Institute of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology, said Professor Gao Wenyuan, systems biology is to study effective means of authentic ingredients, authentic herbs at the population level of genetic relationship has a very important significance. Should be greater use of genomics and systems biology to systematically clarify the cause of genuine medicine.

State Intellectual Property Office Li Chang, the researchers said, authentic ingredients made the intellectual property system, the system built from the logical form and completed the legal concept of authentic ingredients, the legal level, to make clear the boundaries of authentic ingredients for the Road to the sustainable development of the necessary ingredients of institutional protection. Experts say that genuine medicine has not a purely natural science concepts, in addition to genuine medicinal properties of the natural sciences, but also with cultural identity and economic attributes. Making full use of modern science and technology reveal the genuine medicine biology, chemistry, pharmacology and other features and patterns, based on the geographical reference to carry out the identification of genuine medicines and intellectual property protection, is the current genuine medicinal research one of the important tasks facing.

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