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CardiOKare  Synergistic Herbal Formula Created under GESIN Standard

Now a new approach to assist those afflicted with cardiovascular disease, with an effective supplement based on Chinese Traditional Medicine.
CardiOKare is supportive of Yin & Yang, the key balance in TCM to allow the body to recover cardivascular system function! Ethical Western medicines, rely on the approach of only relieving symptoms temporarily with serious side effects and not stopping process of the disease and need lifelong medication.
CardiOKare does the opposite, it can help to balance Yin & Yang, recover heart function and soften vessels, clear toxics in the blood, Improve peripheral circulation. Because it focus on the function recovery of cardiovascular system, the people need not lifelong medication.

CardiOKare is created under GESIN standard: original standard of TCM its own.

This method has been used sucessfully in TCM in China for thousands of years!

CardiOKare Functional Testing

Functional testing has established scientific proof that the key herbal components in CardiOKare can help to soften vessels, clear toxics in the blood, Improve peripheral circulation, lower blood pressure and lipids etc. More testing is being done, people will know more how the key herbal components in CardiOKare work in western way.

>>CardiOKare Functional Testing
CardiOKare Check List
  • Help to relieve chest pain
  • Help to lower Blood Pressure
  • Help to increase blood flow in coronary
  • Aid in resisting lack of blood and oxygen
  • Help to prevents platelet coagulation
  • Help sleeping and lessen anxiety
  • Help to improe numbness of limbs
  • Help to improve headache
  • Help to improve general body pains
  • Help to reduce big belly
  • Help to improve memory
  • A 100% natural herbal product
  • No known side effects reported
  • Key ingredients applied in long history
  • USA FDA Certified
  • EU Certified
Check List
CardiOKare Herbal Formula

CardiOKare was formulated using Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques.

All herbs in this formula are applied to assist cardiovascular system function recovery in long history.

All herbs in this formula are slected seriously and carefully by the manufacturer to guarantee their original and natural!

All herbs in this formula are done for heavy metal test to guanrantee they are safe.

CardiOKare is manufactured under GMP, QS and HACCP conditions.

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CardiOKare out Performs the Rest

CardiOKare is created as GESIN Standard: Geoherbalism, Effectiveness, Safety, Individuation, Nature, and especially Individuation service system(see below) sets CardiOKare firmly apart from the rest cardiovascular diseases.

CardiOKare is a well tolerated product and offers comfortable usage for most users.

CardiOKare has complete service system, including Qingdao HESHOUTANG International TCM Center for individual treatment plan by TCM way and HESHOUTANG BBS where customers can submit questions to get online help during taking CardiOKare!


CardiOKare Package
CardiOKare is a supplement, that has shown effectiveness in alleviating some of the symptoms associated with heart diseases.
See more information on our F.A.Q. page and also see users Testimonials Here.
Learn more about Traditional Chinese Medicine in our Information section Here.
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